Thursday, 23 December 2010

you fat bastard

So its Christmas and I am enjoying it.

Friday night climbers Christmas meal. Let say beer was drunk black spots from the night all in all a good one.

Saturday felt like shit. Hit the Deepot felt very hungover fat and week and started to feel a bit of a cold coming on. I cheered my self up buying some shoes I can't afford. (
Awesome shoes interesting colour (orange) bit in the words of Ace they fit "Like a Glove"

I then eat a pizza and met up with people in the pub feeling like shit. I had 1 pint and felt grim for it and called it a night.

Sunday woke up not feeling bad had a bacon butty and a bowl of cereal and had a session of core exercises.
I met up with a load of old mates for a meal and a few drinks to celebrate Christmas. I had a Lamb roast dinner with several pints then I kept on drinking for several more hours. The session lasted from 1.30 to 10.30with me forcing myself to leave so I would get up for work.

Monday I felt awful at work ate badly and then went to football training and struggled through.

Tuesday - Chippy day. Then had a cor session in the evening and went to the pub.

Wednesday -Cornish pasty for breakfast, Sausage, egg, chips and beans for dinner. Climbing session in the evening.

So I have had a mixed time the last 5 days of mixing very unhealthy eating and drinking with exercise. I have not checked the scales I think I will avoid looking until after Christmas.

Friday, 17 December 2010

A Heavy Weekend Ahead

I have a heavy weekend ahead of me starting tonight.
Its mad Friday inuit!!
I am off out for a curry with the climbing club followed by beer. We are off to Gurkha Talhi in Huddersfield. I have been there twice before and enjoyed the place. The company have always helped the meal. Tonight its a table full of people abusing each other hope some women turn up. This will start off light but 4 pints in it will be in full flow. I can't wait!
in the morning I am off Christmas shopping. This is a bad thing. I hate shopping, I hate town, I really hate town near Christmas and I will be very hungover. In the afternoon I have a football match to play. Hopefully I will not be too hungover by that time.
In the evening I have Vix's pub crawl, oh dear! More abuse more drinking finishing with another hangover.
I have a late lunch with my mates from High school so it will be Nialls Andrew Josh et al giving me more abuse. More drinking. Ending in another hangover.
Monday back in work feeling like death.
I need to try and squeeze a climbing session in somewhere Sunday morning is looking the best option.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Weighing scales you bastard

So I know I have put on weight since I got my injury but lets say I surprised what I weighed in at. I was actually quite disappointed with my self.
Last night I weighed in at 13st2lbs. This is over a stone heavier than I was in summer.
On the bright side this then motivated me to have a core session and go to football training last night. It has also motivated me to look at my diet and really try and lose weight.
There ended up being a poor turn out to training last night with 5 of the players and 1 coach turning up. So we sacked off training and had a 3 on 3 match. we played with a small pitch (tennis court size) and 2 touch.
I have not kicked a ball in months so this was actually quite good for me I got lots of touches of the ball and used to having people tackle me again.
I was surprised at how well I lasted with my fitness being so low.
I managed to keep a good tempo to my game and ran me arse off. I don't know what the score was but it was just a good laugh and good to be playing footy again.
My core session was light because I have not worked my core in a while I managed to do 135 core movements. My sessions before my injury were up to 400 movements so I can really tell the difference. I can also tell the difference when climbing. I am finding it harder to keep my feet on and suck in to the wall when climbing. I am now planning to really push on with my core and work it because it really helps your climbing.
Also I want abs of steel :P
Will keep you posted as I lose weight.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

So weak

I went to Huddersfield wall last night. It still sucks.
Anyway I am back on with my training and the good news is that they have reset part of the bouldering wall.
The overhanging wall has had a reset of should I say part of a reset (work in progress). They have placed a lot of big holds near the bottom so plenty of opportunity for low warm up circuits.
I warmed up on the bouldering wall then tried a few had moves. I did not complete any of them then sadly. Tom, tom and Dan turned up so I then had a laugh with them playing about on the bouldering wall. I got in the mood for routes so convince Tom smith to belay me. There is a new 6c been put up since my injury so I thought I would have a good at that while I was still fresh. I managed to get to the hold just above the roof on my first try but my feet came off and that was it. My cores not strong enough to suck my self back in and my arms are too weak to pull me up.
I tried again I got to the top hold in the roof and tried to work out my feet. This meant I hung around too long and I eventually dropped off. I ran up the red and white (6b) next to the yellow straight after my third attempt to try and build some endurance/fitness. It Tom's turn do some route which meant I got a good rest. he tried the yellow but fell off about 3 moves before where I did. We will both get it eventually.
Next I hit the new 6a+ on the slab felt hard but I was still recovering from the routes through the roof. The last route I did was an overhanging green at 6a I fell on this which was very disappointing. I lowered to the ground and tried it again. I did it second go but felt exhausted for the steepest top section I just had to power through it.
I had another rest and tried bouldering for a bit. Tom and Dan had been playing plus one. They showed me the holds. I did it first time and added in some holds. which felt good, but I was done absolutely knackered.
The session lasted about 1hour50mins which is no where near long enough. I must improve, I need to lose weight, I need to get strong, I need to get fit. Training is definately needed.

Friday, 3 December 2010

A weekend in wales

Last weekend the proper members of the climbing club went on a trip to north Wales. Others mentioning no names came up with bullshit excuses and feebled out.
Friday night we got there late on and their was a bit of snow. We had a few drinks an interesting game of scrabble with the rules being loosely followed, then went to bed.

Saturday went to Dinas cromlech its fair to say it was cold with a bit of snow. I hit the boulders and even tried Jerrys roof. Others decided to try and do some trad on the crag. Lets just say they failed and leave it at that.
Sunday was a lot better as we went to Tremadog (it was a lot warmer there). I managed to do my first trad lead in ages. Firstly I lead oberon (every pitch) then I lead the second pitch of Cynhyrchwyr. I was pretty happy with this my shoulder held up well.
Now once all the other stuff in my life calms down some proper training can begin. Bring it on

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Taking a brake already!?!

The recovery to a step back last night.
It was curry club last night so I decided to go join the gang. An army of 10 of us went to Memsahib for a feast of Indian food. I started the meal with a portion of onion barjis. it was fucking awesome
For my main I had a Chicken Palak. This is my favourite curry I have tried so far. Basically it is chicken(or lamb) and spinach. They are quite good at making this dish at Memsahib. The flavours are so strong it just hits your senses immediately. (Okay I am starting to feel hungry must stop for I start drooling).
I finished before everyone else so I had a laugh chatting to people. I was taunting Chris about not eating his chilli then he said the one thing I did not want him to say: "Okay why don't you have it then". Anyone who knows me well knows I like a challenge and I like hot food. So I took the challenge and I went for it.
I took a huge bite out of the chilli my senses started to tingle again. The flavour was great a little bit spicy but a well cooked chilli all the same. I continued to chew the chilli thinking its getting a bit hotter and carried on chewing my sense now started to feel they were going into overdrive. I swallowed the chilli washed down with a mouthful of water. At this point I thought the heat would end.
I was wrong.
To my surprise I started to feel hotter and my tongue began to burn. I drank more water. Within seconds me tongue had gone numb my mouth was watering my face a shade of pink and my cheeks red. It was a sensation I had not experience in a while. The table laughed. One person asked "I hope you got paid about a tenner for that" I feebly responded "no ..."
A video will hopefully follow of me eating the chilli for you amusement.
Before you ask I loved every minute of it :D
So now back to the training tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

A New Beginning

After a lay off from climbing I am starting a new blog.
For those who were not aware I had a break from climbing due to an injury from playing football. I successfully managed to get a rugby injury from football??? I ended up with a cuff tear in my shoulder with some ligament and tendon damage. So I have been unable to do any form of exercise. I played on for 30 minutes with no treatment or stopping the game and people call football players pussies.
I am now a weak fat git again!!

However its not all bad news, after my lay off I am climbing again! :D
I went to Stanage high neb last Saturday where I soloed a VD, a severe and a HS my shoulder was hurting after this session so I had a few days off.
I got a few good photos on Saturday there is one at the top and here is another:
The conditions are absolutely perfect for grit and photos. The sun was out but the temperatures were cold. it was amazing a great day to get out of bed with my hangover.

On wednesday this week I decided to try a wall session. I got to the wall and was warming up on the bouldering wall. I did a few easy problems and felt ok so I decided to try the yellow circuit. I fell off on the last move and this was only because I could not fell my fingers. I was pretty happy and confident that my shoulder could take a climbing session so I did a few more problems. When a few more HUMS Members turned up I decided to hit the top ropes.
First I did a 6a slab ran up it no problem at all.
Then my mate Tom pointed me to a new route this was a vertical wall no grade given at the moment. It looked about 6b from the ground. I was not sure that I wanted to push my self so hard yet so I thought about it then I went for it.
The route starts with a couple of crimps for your hands and smears for your feet. After you get past the first 3/4 meters of technical climbing you get a semi rest and some easier climbing for 2 meters.
Then comes what I thought was the crux starting from an undercut you have a big move to a reasonable size crimp then you have to get your feet very high on smears. This is low percentage and you really have to trust you feet. Its a big to a big move to a good hold.
Following this you have 2 meters of easier climbing till a tough top move. It felt 6b+ to me so taking into account my current lack of climbing and strength its probably a technical 6b. Nice route.
I did this with one fall at the crux I was very happy with my climb. More importantly I cam off the climb unscathed so I kept climbing.
I also did a 6a+ clean after one fall and being lowered off and I ran up a 6b through the roof.
I was pretty knackered after the 6b so I sat around watching people bouldering for a while till it got to pub o'clock. The real test for my shoulder was the next day. On thursday it felt fine this was a real bonus it ached a bit but no sharp pains.

Today I did a core session for the first time I also went for a very short run. So now the recovery starts.