Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Taking a brake already!?!

The recovery to a step back last night.
It was curry club last night so I decided to go join the gang. An army of 10 of us went to Memsahib for a feast of Indian food. I started the meal with a portion of onion barjis. it was fucking awesome
For my main I had a Chicken Palak. This is my favourite curry I have tried so far. Basically it is chicken(or lamb) and spinach. They are quite good at making this dish at Memsahib. The flavours are so strong it just hits your senses immediately. (Okay I am starting to feel hungry must stop for I start drooling).
I finished before everyone else so I had a laugh chatting to people. I was taunting Chris about not eating his chilli then he said the one thing I did not want him to say: "Okay why don't you have it then". Anyone who knows me well knows I like a challenge and I like hot food. So I took the challenge and I went for it.
I took a huge bite out of the chilli my senses started to tingle again. The flavour was great a little bit spicy but a well cooked chilli all the same. I continued to chew the chilli thinking its getting a bit hotter and carried on chewing my sense now started to feel they were going into overdrive. I swallowed the chilli washed down with a mouthful of water. At this point I thought the heat would end.
I was wrong.
To my surprise I started to feel hotter and my tongue began to burn. I drank more water. Within seconds me tongue had gone numb my mouth was watering my face a shade of pink and my cheeks red. It was a sensation I had not experience in a while. The table laughed. One person asked "I hope you got paid about a tenner for that" I feebly responded "no ..."
A video will hopefully follow of me eating the chilli for you amusement.
Before you ask I loved every minute of it :D
So now back to the training tomorrow.

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