Friday, 17 December 2010

A Heavy Weekend Ahead

I have a heavy weekend ahead of me starting tonight.
Its mad Friday inuit!!
I am off out for a curry with the climbing club followed by beer. We are off to Gurkha Talhi in Huddersfield. I have been there twice before and enjoyed the place. The company have always helped the meal. Tonight its a table full of people abusing each other hope some women turn up. This will start off light but 4 pints in it will be in full flow. I can't wait!
in the morning I am off Christmas shopping. This is a bad thing. I hate shopping, I hate town, I really hate town near Christmas and I will be very hungover. In the afternoon I have a football match to play. Hopefully I will not be too hungover by that time.
In the evening I have Vix's pub crawl, oh dear! More abuse more drinking finishing with another hangover.
I have a late lunch with my mates from High school so it will be Nialls Andrew Josh et al giving me more abuse. More drinking. Ending in another hangover.
Monday back in work feeling like death.
I need to try and squeeze a climbing session in somewhere Sunday morning is looking the best option.

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