Thursday, 9 December 2010

So weak

I went to Huddersfield wall last night. It still sucks.
Anyway I am back on with my training and the good news is that they have reset part of the bouldering wall.
The overhanging wall has had a reset of should I say part of a reset (work in progress). They have placed a lot of big holds near the bottom so plenty of opportunity for low warm up circuits.
I warmed up on the bouldering wall then tried a few had moves. I did not complete any of them then sadly. Tom, tom and Dan turned up so I then had a laugh with them playing about on the bouldering wall. I got in the mood for routes so convince Tom smith to belay me. There is a new 6c been put up since my injury so I thought I would have a good at that while I was still fresh. I managed to get to the hold just above the roof on my first try but my feet came off and that was it. My cores not strong enough to suck my self back in and my arms are too weak to pull me up.
I tried again I got to the top hold in the roof and tried to work out my feet. This meant I hung around too long and I eventually dropped off. I ran up the red and white (6b) next to the yellow straight after my third attempt to try and build some endurance/fitness. It Tom's turn do some route which meant I got a good rest. he tried the yellow but fell off about 3 moves before where I did. We will both get it eventually.
Next I hit the new 6a+ on the slab felt hard but I was still recovering from the routes through the roof. The last route I did was an overhanging green at 6a I fell on this which was very disappointing. I lowered to the ground and tried it again. I did it second go but felt exhausted for the steepest top section I just had to power through it.
I had another rest and tried bouldering for a bit. Tom and Dan had been playing plus one. They showed me the holds. I did it first time and added in some holds. which felt good, but I was done absolutely knackered.
The session lasted about 1hour50mins which is no where near long enough. I must improve, I need to lose weight, I need to get strong, I need to get fit. Training is definately needed.

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