Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Weighing scales you bastard

So I know I have put on weight since I got my injury but lets say I surprised what I weighed in at. I was actually quite disappointed with my self.
Last night I weighed in at 13st2lbs. This is over a stone heavier than I was in summer.
On the bright side this then motivated me to have a core session and go to football training last night. It has also motivated me to look at my diet and really try and lose weight.
There ended up being a poor turn out to training last night with 5 of the players and 1 coach turning up. So we sacked off training and had a 3 on 3 match. we played with a small pitch (tennis court size) and 2 touch.
I have not kicked a ball in months so this was actually quite good for me I got lots of touches of the ball and used to having people tackle me again.
I was surprised at how well I lasted with my fitness being so low.
I managed to keep a good tempo to my game and ran me arse off. I don't know what the score was but it was just a good laugh and good to be playing footy again.
My core session was light because I have not worked my core in a while I managed to do 135 core movements. My sessions before my injury were up to 400 movements so I can really tell the difference. I can also tell the difference when climbing. I am finding it harder to keep my feet on and suck in to the wall when climbing. I am now planning to really push on with my core and work it because it really helps your climbing.
Also I want abs of steel :P
Will keep you posted as I lose weight.

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