Friday, 28 January 2011

So the diet

I have dropped down to 1400ish calories per day. This is very low but I need to do it be fit enough for El chorro.
To aid this I have a calorie counting app on my phone. I did a weigh in on Saturday when I started this. I weighed 13st4 (back up again). Since Saturday I have lost over 2 lbs (approx 1kg). This is a good start but you always loose weigh faster at first.

The low calorie intake is hard as I feel I am running on empty at times (such as now). I increase my calorie intake when I am exercising to make sure I can get a net 1400 calories.

On Saturday to start the diet I did a load of core work. This was probably too much as I was in agony all week from Monday onwards. Even coughing hurt. However it is feeling better today.

Climbing wise I got out on rock on Sunday and went to burbage north not the most successful trip ever but I got some stuff done. This week I went to Hudds wall on Wednesday and hopefully off to the deepot this afternoon.

I am mainly working on stamina at the moment as I am struggling to get my stamina back after my lay off from injury. El chorro is mainly big long routes which will take most of the day so I need to be quite fit to cope with this task.
The main big route I am targeting is Amtrax a very big 6a sports route with some trad involved on the easier pitches.
My other goal on the trip is to push my grade and successfully redpoint 6b+. This is a hard task from me as I have not climbed sports since a trip to north wales in the second half of last year. I believe 6b+ is my physical limit at the moment. I have eyed up two lines to work in Spain near where my climbing partner has his project.

I have 2 and a half weeks to prepare for my trip this mainly means I require mileage on rock and on plastic to build the stamina I will need for these hard projects.

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