Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Its Feb the battle is me on me

So I was ill the whole of the first week in Feb. This has meat I have lost weight (almost 2kg) Just need to avoid putting it back on now :)

I am off to El Chorro next week for the first time. I am desperately looking forward to it however I am worried about my fitness levels. I have not climbed routes outside other than the odd solo since October last year. One of my aims next week is to conquer the mighty Amtrak. It is only a 6a however it is BIG and I am desperately lacking in fitness.
I have been trying to build stamina by extending my climbing sessions and when I am starting to feel knackered I am keeping on going for 45mins to an hour longer. I am also doing some other exercise such as running and playing football. This is a more sustained exercise as you are forced to keep going by your team mates. However with football there is more of a team spirit and you don't want to let anyone down.
Climbing the battle is me on me. If I fail i fail me and only me. I can take that!
Football its a team sport. If I fail the team suffer. I can't take that.

I feel when I play football I have a role I have a standard. I have to keep up that standard I have to work hard to make sure it is not my fault if it goes wrong. If it is my fault. I have to work harder to sort it out.
When I climb I feel I can fail my self. You don't have the support or help you get in foot ball no one is there to cover for you. You fail its your fault. You did not try hard enough. You did not train enough. You did not make the effort. You are the reason you fail. In climbing you fail on your own!

This is a stress I have been putting on myself lately. My diet has been killing me. I am pushing with every thing I have to improve. I feel I have hit a wall. I need to push through. I need to be stronger. I need to be better. I need to be lighter. I need to push.

With one week left is there enough time to break through the barrier and get ready? I don't know but I have to try.

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