Friday, 11 March 2011

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So am back climbing enjoying my self I have been climbing on rock several times in the last few weeks.
Starting with evenings on real rock at Holmfirth cliff. I got my first even session last Friday me, tom, Emma and Haydn enjoyed the pleasures of holmfirth until sunset. When we headed to the mighty nook brewhouse. The night then descended into a messy drunken night of revelations and entertainment. Lets say I got home after 2am and had a good laugh with friends old and new.
Saturday I played football well I got 10 mins on the field and reffed for 45 mins. The night ended with me watching tv at my new house and getting an early night to make up for the lost sleep.
Sunday started with me watching MOTD then walking to my parents to watch cricket. England were on sky sports after a while I looked out the window and the sun had come out. YES!!!!!!!!!!! So the mission was on I tried to call Haydn I text timmy, Tom (all of them), emma and chris and others. Tom Staples and Hobbs replied and we set off at 11 not 100% sure where we were going.
On the way I text Dan Lane to see if he new what the chew conditions were. He said that he thought that standing stones should be in. So that's where we headed. We got there and hobbs did the first lead. Then staples tried another route but it was soaked so backed off. All the routes I wanted were seeping so we decided to check out pule hill
Up at pule there is a HVS line I was looking at for a few times. So thought it was time to get on it. I warmed up on the usual leprosy wall traverse and play. I got on it and pent about 20-30 hanging around at the crux an overhanging bit as well so fucking pumped!! I got it done in the end though with out falling off go me.
Tom then lead a route and we headed to the riverhead yay. The day ended with a memsahib for a curry. What a day! Picture are up here
Monday involved another evening trip to holmfirth for an hour after work with Haydn and Matthias
Tuesday went to watch the town match
Wednesday was a good session at Hudds wall 3 hours then went to the pub.
Thursday I went to check out the progress at Rokt. Ended up at the caddyshack.
Tonight I got a sofa and then went to ikea and got some wardrobes and a chest of draws. Now the night ended with a quiet night in sadly. Best laid plans of mice and men ...
So my last week has involved lots of pub and climbing so excellent week :)

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