Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Froggatt continued

This is a blog to finish the day at froggatt.

I walk round to the base of the crag and convince matthias to lead green gut a 3* classic right next to browns eliminate. He leads this with no real problem. Tom and SaRa follow him up.
Me and nick head to do joes original boulder problem. I manage it after 3/4 tries nick gets it second attempt. We have both done it before. We then work the arete I don't get it but nick manages.
Nick then wonders off to try and find a route to do and I solo a VDiff and a severe both onsight.

Tom Hobbs comes and finds us and I set him on a top end HS. He gets to the crux and tries it repeatedly but he cannot commit and he finishes up the VDiff. Matthias manages to finish up the VS.
Matthias then leads another HS this is his third ever HS lead all on the same day. Well done man thats fantastic.

I join up with nick who is working a font 6b+. I try the move but I cannot reach the hold as the problem is a bit morpho. Nick gets it then tries to work the 6b traverse next it. Greasy and small holds.

Nick decides he wants to repeat Four pebble slab and goes for it after some time he backs off the route as he cannot commit. I then go up and finish the route off for him. It was feeling a bit gritty and dirty.

We decide to call it a day for climbing and head home. On the way we decide to go for a curry. It was the perfect way to end a fantastic days. Cheers guys you made the day.

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