Wednesday, 22 June 2011

1 year on 25 years later

So the past year not much has changed. Still single (thats probably not gonna change), Still a geek (that will never change) still a complete punter (that will never change?), Town still in league 1, I am still weak as, I still lack self confidence.
What has changed I have moved out, I am now solid(?) at HVS, I have redpointed 6b, I have bouldered several font 6A/+'s, I own a house (well have a mortgage). I am playing football for an 11 a side team (well sort of). I have a new niece.

So I guess some stuff changed. So what is the plan for the next year ... I have no idea.

All I know is stanage is not inspiring, I want to get on sea cliffes, I am not arsed with the unconquerables.

In the words of the legendary group B*witched "Ce la Vie"

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