Wednesday, 22 June 2011

keen for plastic

I am not sure what is going on lately I hav been keen to climb on plastic.

I am not a huge fan of plastic holds or indoor climbing its like hitting a tennis ball against a wall. But I have been seeeing big gains in my fitness recently. Its good as my motivation has been dropping for rock. I have been getting to crags and seeing lines thinking I can't be arsed or I am not interested

One of my goals was to climb browns eliminate and I did that. Since Browns there has not been a line I have desperatly wanted to lead. I have lead some good routes including some 3* ones but nothing compares.

I have changed my focus a bit and the indoor stamina is putting me in good stead and with the new lead wall being open at rokt I think its time to push myself. I want to train I want to get fit and I want to get better at sports I want to be on form when I head to chorro later in the year. If I can get there fit and strong and with better understanding of tactics who knows what I can achieve?

Any way climbing tonight not sure where like

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