Thursday, 7 July 2011

A change of focus

Is it a time for a change of focus? The hot weather and the midges are coming in and after having the worst grit season since I started climbing trad is it time for a refocus? Grit is easy as it is local and there is lots of it. Lime is a bit harder due to the drive and the trad is either polished, not very good or a bit of a drive. The lakes is a weekend job and so is North Wales.
I am hoping to get down bristol way in august to see Tom Hobbs. It will be nice for some limestone trad but its a long way 4-5 hours each way plus dealing with the M6!!!!
Pembroke looks amawing but that is a long weekend job minimum! The times I wanted to go fell through due to lack of interest and an issue on dates.
I have been enjoying sports climbing this year more and more. So that is another area to look into.
Hopefully I will be inspired this weekend.

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