Monday, 18 July 2011

Inspired to train and by training

Last week on my way to check out buckstones I hit a pot hole at national speed limit. Long story short buckled alloy new tire needed. I did however enjoy myself on the boulders and I am looking forward to a return trip.

I have been having a few core sessions here and there to try and improve my core strength and stability. I am noticing some benefits. I am sure the gains will become more clear over time.

I have been keeping regular visits to the climbing wall in my climbing lately for a few reasons.
  1. I feel I benefit more from a structured(ish) session indoors than I do in a day at the crag.
  2. I am thinking about my trip in November to El chorro now. When I get there I want to be strong confident and ready to krank harder than I have every kranked before.
  3. Rokt climbing gym is fun, inspiring and challenging.
  4. Where else can I run laps on routes meaning I am not just climbing 12m or 16m or 20m. I am climbing 42m with out a rest or I am climbing 50m without a rest. I am flashing routes climbing up then I am flashing a different route while down climbing.
  5. I am getting better at reading moves while tired. When you are trying to flash a route you are 37m into a route and you have to work out how to down climb a boulder problem its a lot harder to work out than looking up at a few bright coloured blobs.
  6. I am totally psyched for El Chorro! Completely.
  7. I want to climb hard there. It's been suggested I should climb a 7a out there. This would be a major achievement. To do this I need to be stronger fitter and a better climber than I have ever been before.
My theory is if I put the effort in now I will be ready by the time the trip comes. I can get stronger I can work my arse off to prepare I will be ready.
In all aspects of life I find preparation is key. In work I always plan a meeting or presentation fully before I go. If not you look like a tit.
If I am in an exam I prepare by revising I look up everything and relearn every thing I can. I am crap at exams but I usually came out with good results.
Before football I warm up. Before climbing hard I warm up.
From now until November I am warming up for the real challenge. 7 days to climb as hard and as many routes as possible.

 I am completely inspired by Rokt. The length of the routes are amazing it means you have to be fit just to cope with the height. The top rope silos are 16.5m tall and the lead wall is 21.5m.
I am used to climbing at hudds wall which goes up to 9m tall. So the laps on there are nothing compare to this. The pump you get on the hudds wall was nothing compare to Rokt.

All in all I am psyched. The indoor climbing is showing big gains. The more I train the more I enjoy training. The more laps I climb the more laps I want to climb. Now I just need to grab a guide book plan a tick list and test myself on some real rock.


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