Thursday, 27 October 2011

things have changed?

So have I been quietier recent?
I am not sure if I have or not. I have quite a few things on at the minute and things are getting lets say busy.
I can see a light at the end of the tunnel but we will see.

Anyway enough of that crap.
Two weekends ago I went to froggatt my favourite crag.
I took rowan for his first trip and I took dan lane as his plans fell through. We got to the crag at a reasonable time and I convinced Rowan to lead the first route. I stuck him on heather crack (I think) he did it with no real issues I then went after my nemesis from my last visit. Pedestal crack (HVS 5a). I got up to my last high point and completely blew it again. I lowered and had another go. At the crux I got in the crack moved out left cme back across. bridging working my way up. The last piece of gear at my feet. I see the jug and the end of the route I pull hard on my right hand and stretch for the jug. I am reaching an inch away from grabbing it. My right foot pops. I fall again bloody stupid route!!!! Took a nice 15 ft lead fall into air. Dan finished it off. Frustrated I bouldered the rest of the day and took some photo. Rowan then lead a Vdiff and dan followed him up it. Becci and Laura turned up and also lead the Vdiff we then bouldered about for a bit.
As the sun started to set we headed towards the boulders on top of the crag to relax, boulder, and enjoy the sunset. Sadly on the way Dan suggested that we do cave crawl. I reluctantly agreed and crawled through the horrible grovel. I did it with some swearing and some grunting. Then all five of us walked up to the boulders at the top of the crag and climbed the boulders in several ways and enjoyed the sunset.
In the pub we had a nice relaxing drink and chat.
The next day I went to Bamford with Haydn feeling tired, unpsyched and lazy we went to wrinkled wall as Nick said he had not done. Which was cool as both me and H had done it before. As Nick was racking a guy on the route to the right took a fall. Nick gave him some treatment and advised he went to the A&E. After they started to pack up Timmy fired out the route no issue. Next up was some HVS which H did with no issue low in the grade is an understatement.

Last weekend The uni club went to wales friday night involved drinking and some bad choices. Saturday I went to the slate quarries for the first time. The rock is amazing need to get back very soon!!! I was mainly sticking top ropes up route so I never really pushed myself. I onsighted two Fr5's an Fr5b and a Fr6a. Saturday involved more beer and more laughs. Sunday it was damp after a heavy night of rain. I went for a walk up tryfan for the first time. Nice to top it out. I did not jump between Adam and Eve as the wind was really bad and the rock was so wet and greasy.

Last night was a great session at rokt feel tired and feeble tonight. The pub was a good do last night just a few people drinking lots arguing and shouting at each other. A proper climbing club night in the pub :D

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