Sunday, 13 November 2011

Day 2 6b onsight and hangover

Felt crap this morning still do. I perked up abit after A lovely fry up from The olive branch.
Today we hit Arabe. Nice crag with some friendly angles. I was climbing with vicky today which is always good as she it also a slab fiend.
We started with vix onsighing a 5+ setting the draws I lead it onsight also. Once we had done this feeling fresh we decided to go to sector arabesque. A picturesque area at the top of the arab steps.
I then onsighted a 6a called blade runner. Fantastic route deserves 3stars. sustained lay backing on good feet.
Next up feeling confident (maybe alittle over confirent) I tried to onsight a 6b to my surprise I did it. :) Vix also onsighted this. The comment vix made was "good to see its day two and we are on it already".
I had sent Andy (biscuit from UKC) a e-mails saying I was climbing at arabe if he wanted to join me. Strangely he did (hes not met me before). His current goal is to onsight a 7a. so I hauled up arabesque a 7a I had been looking at before I came after I was recommended it.
I top roped the route first and did all the moves and made several long links. It was within my ability. Now I have to decide if I want to project it? Cause it will go but I will need another visit at least.
I belayed Andy on arabesque While Vicky went off to climb with a friend of Andy's called Silvia. Vix went on to climb a 6a and a 6b+ both onsight well done!!

So again tick of the day goes to Vix for here ascent of El Canalillo de la mari 6b+ onsight!

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