Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 6 6b+ onsight !!!

Today we hit Los Cotos today much to Chris' disapproval.
I warmed up on Number one 4+ onsight and moved onto a 6b+ Vix had a go first up could not work out the last move and after a little bit of thinking I managed to get the bastard onsight.

The 6b+ was a 5+ to a hard top few moves. The crux invovled hard pulling on tiny holds and outside edging on nothing. Awesome moves. Satisfied I decided to look at a 6c I had been eyeing up in the guide book but sadly the local undergrowth had taken back the base of the crag. I decided to get a load of routes in. I tried to onsight a 6a and messed the crux reading it wrong gave up due to pain in my feet.

I went onto onsight 3 more 5's nice to get a few ticks in.

Tick of the day goes to me !!!! As I onsighted a Montgroni Free 6b+ onsight (vix did it first RP with my beta)

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