Friday, 18 November 2011

Day 7 6a+ onsight rain and illness

So today started badly with me feeling pretty ill (I did not even drink last night so it was not that .. well I just had two) and it was raining heavy enough to stop us climbing.
The rain stopped about 9.30 so we waited till 10.30 ish and headed out to Las Encatadas (above) I warmed up by onsighting the rib (6a+) then began to not feel very well so I headed back to the olive branch for a rest with the plan to return to the crag once I felt better. Sadly just as I started to feel better it started to rain, then it got heavier so today is/was a write off.
Not much to say.

No one climbed much so tick of the day goes to me and Vix with an onsight of the Rib at 6a+ to warm up.

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