Saturday, 19 November 2011

Day 8 6a+ rain and book reading

Okay so today was basically a write off. It started okay with cloudy weather afte breakfast I went up to Las Encantadas and did a 6a + I tried last time but dogged it. This time I ran up it setting the draws Brian top roped it just in time for the rain to come and write the day off. The rain lasted most of the day stopping at around 3pm. We headed back up to encantadas to try get vicky up a 6b but it was soaked still and then started to rain again.

Tick of the day goes to me with a red point (technically) of a 6a+ Crisis de Ident

So looking at my tick list it is rather dis appointing I will go into more of that tomorrow when I am back home I will also go throught my pre trip tick list.

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