Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The indoor report + vid

I have been doing quite a bit of indoor climbing which is pretty dull to wright about so to summaries. I have been splitting my time between Rokt, Depot and The works.

At Rokt I am mainly working the circuit board trying to break down the problems to manageable bits. Or desperately trying to link in some cases. There is a 6a/+ (my arse) circuit which took two sessions to link.
The next circuit up is 6b (maybe not my style). I have done this in two bits 1-28 and 26-36 with getting straight back on after the fall. I have an issue with move 19 which is I forget the feet for this move. So if I make it pass it takes every thing out of me or I fall there. I am smooth up to this point and 28 is an awkward move as I find the feet to be quite blind.
There is also a 7b circuit which I am breaking down I am not strong enough for 1-4 at the moment I can link 4-8 with move 9 being a stopper. Then I struggle on move 10 but can now link 12-16/17 with 18 being a crux for me a bit powerful. I am getting it will be nice to break it down and at least get all the moves in isolation.

The Depot I am working wood, purple and reds at the moment. I have completed most of the purples with a couple I will get first try when fresh. The wood circuit is going down nicely over two session I have just a couple of problems left. The reds are hard. I have done one I think but they take some serious work its a good test for me.

The works I am on the purple circuit mainly which is nice as it gives me an opportunity to flash and work stuff on the circuit as it a very broad grade range (6A-6B+) I am down to my last few so I guess I will have to get on the blue or wasp circuit next.

Outdoors has been pretty grim of late. the weather is crapping out big style. However I got out to holmfirth yesterday it was soaked. I managed to repeat a few problems but nothing new. I will get more done later here is a video I through together to test out my new camera:

I tried and did a few more problems but this was just a quick local circuit as I have not been up in a while.
I enjoyed it despite the conditions.

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