Sunday, 4 December 2011

no psyche rest to psyche

Since coming back from chorro I have been lacking psyche majorly. I Decided to take a couple of weeks off indoor climbing and a while off of blogging two. Chorro was very psychically and mentally draining. The bad weather combined with illness, skin issues and not pushing my grade wore me down.
I just did not want to climb so I had a couple of weeks to gather my thoughts. The first week I headed to the works. This is definitely my favourite indoor wall. Its in sheff but it is worth the long drive. I went there on the Friday night then I went to the peak on the saturday but the weather was grim we hid in outside for the crags to dry we then hit burbage north only to be faced with the wind blowing rain straight at the crag. I then started to not feel well again. We tried lawrencefield which was surprisingly dry. I started to feel really ill so went back to hathersage for a bit and left nick and H to climb.
When I got back I found H on the route and Nick wearing my harness. I guess he forgot his again. I left them to climb routes while I just watched it was freezing and got colder as time went on. I soloed a VD and we called it a day.
So this week I just avoided people for most of the week just spent time at mine doing some pull ups, hanging off my fingerboard and doing house work.

Friday was the christmas meal and I got smashed. I was drunk pretty early apparently I was really talkative and babling. I sobered up a bit when the party got back to mine and then left them all drinking while I went to bed.

I woke up to the remnants the morning after. Sick on the carpet with a guy spooning my bin (with sick in it) 4 people in a room with one guy using a towel for a roll mat even though there was a roll mat down stairs ..

Feeling worse for wear I did what I normally do. Started to tidy up took photos and played some music. Metal seemed to soothe the hangover. Everyone came round and we watched a film while people sobered up enough to drive home. Nice morning after. When everyone left I tidied up and settled in to watching TV I had do a load of pull ups as I kept walking past my bar. So I was feeling feeble I was also frail from the night before so just sacked the day of and had a nap. I woke up 6 hours later refreshed but it was too late to do anything so MOTD and back to bed.

Today I had the urge to get climbing not having climbed at all for 7 days I was keen to get on something. I frantically messaged people. But to no avail so thought I would try book a coaching session with Nik Jennings fortunately he had no plans so I got a session in with him this afternoon. He set me targets and put me through a hellish session to which my core ached for hours after.
The coaching has brought back my psyche I was feeling fresh before the session I now know what I have to do. I want my 7 I now have 3 months to get ready. I just need to prepare for the next trip and be solid for when I go.

I will keep blogging for regular updates on my progress. If people want. I have noticed an increase in traffic on this blog. Not sure if thats a good thing but it helps me focus on the highs and lows

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