Thursday, 8 December 2011

Trad this weekend?

I was asked why I am not blogging about trad simply because am not doing any.
so here we go:
Last night I went to the works again with Alex and I met up with bex. Another good session. I have almost the entire purple circuit now and I am after some new challenges. I am getting stronger and my technique is coming along as well. I need to work on my fitness and strength.
I got in another 3 hours at the works and felt I could of done more

Also suppose I should explain the omelette incident. Well I thought I would experiment. I have never made an omelette before and I was not sure how to exactly. I thought I would try to guess what you do so I did not reading up on how to make an omelette.
I made the mix but then cooked too much mixture at a too low heat. The mix was also just completely wrong.
The parts of the omelette that looked like bad scrambled egg were okay. but the part that kind of looked like and omelette was not cooked in the middle and I felt very ill after eating it.

Attempt number too was a success after some advice from Hardon. It Was Edible and I don't feel ill. 

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