Monday, 20 February 2012

Its all a bit quiet ...

So I have not been blogging because I have not done much again. I got complaints for blogging too much about climbing indoors but lets face it I can only talk about what I do. I have been struggling for partners inspiration and weather.
I have a mate who has been really keen but has let me down too many times. So I will only meet him if I get someone else to climb with. SO I have chose to go indoors instead of risking him not turning up.

This weekend I went to wales with Bex and Vix. The plan was to climb what actually happened was not a lot of climbing. However Saturday I got a new coat and then walked up Snowdon for the first time was awesome the weather held out except for a short period when it snowed which made it even more awesome. The route we took was miners track and ca,e back down by pig track. It was really nice unfortunately there was too much snow on top to do the horse shoe but some thing to go back for.

Here is a paroramic photo I took:

On sunday we tried to climb in the slate quarries but it started snowing as we were walking in. We tried to retreat to A55 sport but it was raining so we went for a walk on the great orme I looked at the cave of justice with awe. The weather brightened up and we hit castle in quarry for some easy
Here is a picture of the slate quarries guess, it could of been in right?
Bex lead here first route and I got in some mialge was a great weekend just wich climbed more

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