Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Font a story so far

Saturday Rained all day
3.30 am saturday morning my alarm goes off
I hit snooze
3.37 my alarm goes off again. I get up. Knock on laura door tell her its time to get up. I have a shower and get ready
4am we set off.
5.15 we arrive at nottingham grab becci
9 am arrive at folkstone.
7pm arrive at Maisonbleau
drink eat bed

Sunday Rained in the morning then sunny the rest of the day  about 18degC+
We went to Buthier tennis thinking it was buthier canard. could not find the circuits
so just climbed what looked fun did a 5+ in a couple of goes.

95.2 Sunny temps up to 23degC
did some blues then did a lot of the yellow circuit. Flashed some reds and blues. good laugh lots of climbing. Ended working a hanging lip traverse great fun got most of the moves but tried to end it wrong. Looked it up on and its a 6B+.
Later we tried to go to buthier canard but got rained on.
Spent the night drinking

Isatis 22degC+
Lots of blues  acouple of reds spent some time trying three whites spanked on all three came very close to the 6A and 6B the 5+ felt hard.
Later went to Rocher de Sabot climbed a few yeallows and blues felt tired and feet hurting gave up quickly. Too many kids

Wednesday 14deg ish patchy drizzle.
Bouldered on Neils wall for 30 mins then went to Buthier piscine did some a few orange's and a couple of blacks.
Walked to Canard got spanked on a few things
Took it easy today to preserve skin for a hard day tomorrow

I have not really eaten enough this week not been hungry. Hoping for some decent weight loss as a result. Looking like L'Elephant and Petit Bois tomorrow. Air time of Big Jim? I hope so!!

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