Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Today I got a hair cut

So lately I have not been climbing as much. I have also not been blogging as much.

Last weekend was my birthday weekend and I went to pembroke.
Thurday had a chilled drive through Wales set up tents and went to the supermarket then it rained. We had a few beers and ate awesome chilli. Just as the light went out the MOD started night firing too. It was awesome it was just like fireworks. Flares, gun fire, explosions awesome. The day ended with cake :)

Friday we woke up to dry conditions. Psyched as hell I set off with Dan Lane to St Govans. I seconded a VS VD and S. I then moved to St Govans East and lead a HS which was great fun. Friday night we went to st govans in to celebrate my passing to the age of 26. We booked in at 7.30 and finally ate around 10pm ... I was a little dissappointed but had a nice meal. Few ales. Finger hurt slightly

Saturday was psyched again and headed to Saddle head. I lead a S and HS seconded a VD and soloed a D was nice and chilled finger was fine and I had laugh. Sadly the weather started coming in and we retreated to the camp site. Other people set up tarps and we hid under there and ate stew again an awesome meal from Mr Pawson.

Sunday psyche was high and we headed to Flimston Bay we waited a bit for the tide to go out and I lead a VD. The sun was amazing and wind had died. I suddenly got excited to hit the beach. So me and Anton headed to an amazing beach near bosherton. I had a nice swim in the sea and a couple of beers. We ate carbonara, nice :)

Monday had a leasurely drive back home and went out for a curry.

Yesterday I went to mountain feet in marsden and got some new approach shoes. They provided a great service and I would recommended them to anyone. After that me and Staples and headed to Holmfirth for a session. We warmed up at the near end so for a change I thought I would try some traverses I have not been on in a long time. I did the traverse first try on the day which I was pretty happy with, I then tried the same traverse extended which is called At your own risk. Again I did this first try on the day. Psyched I decided to extend the traverse further and make a link up. It climbs the full traverse then down climbs the corner and climbs shades of orion.
It was a nice problem to link together think I will try and add more to the extention.

Today I got a hair cut it was desperately needed.

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