Sunday, 15 July 2012

Almscliff spankings .. Standard

Since my last blog I been to china it was awesome. It was hard work but it was awesome.
I started in beijing and had a day in the office I then went to Louyang for two days and on to suzhou and shanghai. It was nice to get away. I ate some things not sure what they were but best not to ask.
I put some pictures up on flickr check them out here: China Pictures

Today I went to Almslciff for some trad. My goal was to climb the classic HVS's and bouldering. I warmed up on Franklands green crack it felt nails. The name says it all Green. The route felt really hard for the grade. I have definately done HVS's that were easier.
Next up I got on overhanging groove it was logical and felt about at HVS definately felt easier than Franklands. I did the route with out too many issues and even did a pull up on the final hold to show off. It was so much fun brilliant.

It was Haydn's lead so he went to repeat demon wall. What a brilliant route. It was easier than I expected. Nice slopers great smears for your feet. Pumpy tricky and so much fun.

Me and H then tried to do a 6B near demon wall. I worked all the moves but I need better core to do it. So next visit.

Finally I was up to lead Great western, by that I mean I really did not fancy it and haydn told me I had to. I had no confidence and balls the start. I then got to the end of the start crack. I realised that I was not going to make it so I finished up crack of doom which was another great route.

We bouldered to end the day. I did an arete on the back of flying arete boulder and tried an eliminate.

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