Monday, 19 November 2012


So if you have read my previous blogs you will know I was not happy with my chorro trip.
My last day involved a good weather day but the crags were still soaked.
We headed up to arabe I decided to try a 6c to warm up. I went awfully. I dogged the hell out of it. When I got back to half height I realised that I was on the next route over .. it was a 7a+. I was happy with my working of the route all the moves felt do able but I would not be able to complete it in a day so I stripped it.
Next I tried the bottom half of the 6c I really didn't enjoy it so I binned it and stripped it.
I soloed a 3+ pillar in my trainers and enjoyed the view. I fired out a 6a to get my hardest tick of the holiday (depressing) then got on another 7a. It felt very doable but it was wet so I binned after working the moves.
Psyche was really low so I fired out another 6a and sat around in the sun.
The most annoying thing is if the weather had been good the 7a+ and the 7a were very doable and could easily be ticked with a bit of work.
Psyche is low but I put a video of the trip together.

Chorro 2012 from Luke Donaldson on Vimeo.

Since I got back I decided to try and get psyche. So far I have been to depot twice and been to Holmfirth these have not worked.

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