Friday, 9 November 2012

Day 7 We actually climbed yesterday not today though

So after my depressing blog yesterday, I actually got out climbing yesterday.
Me and JP went for a walk for an inspection of the area. so if we could find any dry rock.
Encantadas looked wet so we walked on to the end of the road to look at Frontales.
As you can see lots of wet patches but faint hopes of dry rock in between. Poema de roca was still seeping badly so we gave that a miss.
However Castoroja area of frontales was looking relatively dry so we decided to head there (bottom right of the photo below).
We headed to castoroja I warmed up firing off a wet 5+ with ben. As I was just setting off on the route a large party of people turned up from Essex and it got stupidly busy as other groups turned up as well. So I decided I could not deal with the combination wet routes that don't inspire me and loads of people. So I headed off to Los Albercrones.
When we got there only one other group was there. There was also a stream running out of the crag of water runnning through the crag.
I jumped on the 7a El Truco Del Almendruco. I decided to give it an onsight go and I managed to get to about half heigh settting the draws before a rest. I then climbed bolt to bolt until the third to last bolt. I gave the next go a blast but I was stumped. vicky then dogged her way up to the top with a clip stick.
I went to belay JP on a 6a at the bottom of the stream where he did really well on a tough section but  unfortunately completely pumped out. Alex gave the route a blast and flashed up to where I got to and was completely stumped on the move.
Next was my go again. I got to the same point but climbing better I had no idea. Vicky went up and after a paddy got to the same point as me and alex.
All stumped we all had one more go up and then called it a day as we couold not work out the move. I hauled my way past that move and climbed to the top with no issue. So I was just one move from doing the route.
Anyway after this spanking I headed back to the olive branch to rest.
Last night we headed out for a meal to the rocabella basically it was crap and not even cheap never going there again!
Just as we got back from the restaurant the heavens opened and then a thunder storm came.
This morning the weather is shite! Here are a few view from the olive branch where it is raining ... again.
Just another day without climbing :(

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