Thursday, 8 November 2012

Day whatever I don't care anymore!!

So since my last blog I have climbed one route ... well waterfall would be a better description.
Rain has come in and seems set to stay. Yesterday we forced ourselves to check out Poema de Roca cave even though we had been told it was seeping.
This was the sky we were greeted to when we set off to the crag:
Beautiful no?
We got to the end of the track out of the olive branch turned the corner and saw frontales it was a massive black mess! the whole thing completely soaked. Anyway we continued on to the cave in hope of dry rock. The view from the path was not promising.
We walked through the woods and passed the tiny stream that goes across the path this I have only ever seen a small trickle running down the hill after a day of rain.
We continued on .. The cave is an amazing hole in the hill side with blobby tufas and amazing limestone. We got to the cave and it had just started to rain again. The cave was a mess. Completely soaked. Dripping, seeping, socked everywhere.
So we were in the cave and ready to sack the day off again but then I thought I want to climb. So I geared up and lead a 5+ waterfall route. It was actually on really nice rock (or it I have not touched rock in three days?). I lead the route with out too many difficulties over than going through two days worth of chalk on one route. I clipped the chains and asked if anyone else wanted to give it a go they all declined ...
In the time it took me to climb the route two other parties turned up. We all left and went away with out a hope of climbing :(
The route I lead took the nice looking black waterfall streak behind James (guy in the blue) up to the tufas near the top.
So the last few days have consisted of scrabble, shit head, booze, eating like your on a climbing holiday but without the climbing, boredom, pool, music and lots of sitting down. I am going to be so unfit when I return from here it will be ridiculous.
Oh well a few days left hopefully the weather will stay away.

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