Saturday, 22 December 2012

its not over yet

The year is almost over, but not yet.
I still have goals I have not given up no time to slack off!
Inspiration for anyone reading this:
So what have I got left to achieve in a year when I have achieved so much?
I want to lead a route harder than E1. I have lead a couple of E1's this year and I am approaching them without fear. So I guess E2 is the obvious goal. I have one trad trip planned before the year ends to the slate with my goals being on the rainbow ...
This year has been pretty bad weather wise and I have been focussing on sport. This has resulted in less time and interest in trad but never say never.
Bouldering I would love another 6C or to at least finish a few 6B projects. I have been having brief sessions on pebble wall but not got close. I managed a new 6A at almscliff satuday so I might give the 6C version a blast next visit.
Sport I have written this off for the year I think But then again if my trad trips a wash out I might try and grab some sport mileage as I have not climbed routes in a while.
Looking forward.
I am trying to avoid looking at next year yet as I have not given up on this year. I have goals I want to achieve next year but looking from the outside these seem pretty over optimistic. I am not going to list them out till next year. As I need to focus on making the most of this year all 9 days left.

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