Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Everything has to come to an end

The day after the Rambles the weather came in. It was really wet all day so climbing was written off. We did nothing just sat around the house. We did nip to the adventure centre to buy gifts but that was it ..
The day after that it was still wet. So we decided to check if the boulders had been shielded from the rain. Which they had so we checked out the boulders. 
I tried lots of things with not much luck. Most of it was damp so some stuff I did not top out as it was not worth the effort. others I could not get going on. Did not feel like a spanking though. I did make progress on easy chair which was good. 
Me on Easy in a Easy Chair V4
Nice Overbite

On the wednesday the weather cleared. So we went to fast drying Smokie bluffs. I warmed up climbing a top 100 5.8 corner crack then got on a 5.10a trad route which I did with no real issue. After that I followed Simon up a 5.10d techincal corner which climbed amazingly (also top 100). The route combine a series of chimney, slab, bridging and balance moves. To make a true un british classic route. 
I ended the day doing a 5.8 with really run out bolts (you are supposed to take some gear I did not bother). It was a nice day to end my route climbing just pottering ticking a few nice routes with friends reminded me of great grit days at the crag with mates taking the piss and climbing stuff.

The final day in Squamish for me was spent on the grand wall boulders again. I fired out a load of easier problems and tried a lot of harder ones until my skin gave up. The tick of the day was probably climbing Any Lip'll Do. A great natural line using good heals and toes which are not my sort of thing to climb the problem. 

Bex on Any Lip'll Do
It has been an amazing trip but it was time to leave with the forecast coming ending the season. The pub and the crags showed the season was over in a few days the numbers dispensed so fast. I was very happy with myself on the trip I never really climbed all that hard but I got the big tick which was my main goal. To climb from the car park to the the peak of the chief over 600m above.

Friday morning I set off early to my cousins wedding near toronto. I wont give too many details of the wedding more of a story for the pub but it was amazing great to see my family and great to meet Katie and her family. 
The Happy couple
Katie and Adam
I am now in the airport waiting for my flight home. I am really looking forward to see my cat, my bed, my family, friends and the grit!! (the season cometh)!

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