Monday, 16 September 2013

Rest day and Tiredness

Rest Day

So the day after the chief I was exhausted. So was everyone. 
We decided to head up to Whistler for a easy day. We got there with the intention to head to the beer fest. We got there and it turned out to be $35 to get in and all you get is a pint and a quarter for that and a tiny plastic cup. 
We grabbed to some lunch and took in the views. Bex particularly liked all the bikers ... 
Anyway we quickly got board of Saturday tourist hell and headed to a local lake to rent boats. We ended up with two man canoes. 

Bex working hard

We spent about an hour out on the water before we got board of not having any swimming gear or at least a towel. So after getting attacked by a giant dragonfly we headed back. 
As we were returning to shore Simon jumped out and pushed me back out so I was floating away without a paddle. I made it back in and they sent me back out again ... Cheers guy.
We then headed to the pub. Me and Bex had a drink by the window while Simon and Hobbit played pool. After a couple we got bored and headed home leaving Hobbit and Simon in the pub (till hey got asked to leave). We headed back home and made a Spag Bol which was pretty good.


Yesterday I was still exhausted so I was not in a rush to get out. We eventually headed to the base of the grand wall where I was really unmotivated. So I watched Simon fire out the first pitch of Exasperator.
The low cloud making Exasperator look more intimidating

Simon nearing the end of P1 on Exasperator

Simon Still on P1
Me and Bex feeling uninspired headed off to look for an alternate route. We got to the boulders at the bottom of main wall path were we did a couple of problems with out pads and Bex tried to show her artistic side:
Not quite sure what is going on ... 

We headed to the lower apron where we did The rambles a four pitch 5.8. 
I did it in two pitches. 
Bex seconding  P1+2

Bex seconding  P3+4
As we got to the top just as a loud thunder clap hit. Bex seconded P3+4 fast and we abbed down fast in fear of getting drenched. We got down in 3 abs.

We got down as it was spitting so we headed back to the boulders and waited for Simon and hobbit to come back. Where I did a couple more easy boulder problems.
It gradually built to a heavy down pour then hammered it down all night today has been written off by bad weather however I did buy myself a shiny new cam though so to a total waste

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