Thursday, 5 September 2013

Squamish is tiring

Day three started with rain.
We were moving from the motel to the apartment which was nice but it meant we had limited free time sadly. 
We started the morning with a lazy and slightly grim beakfast at save on food. 
we dropped our bag at the apartment at 11 then went for a walk around squamish. killing time. 
After lunch it brightened up so me and becci explored the boulders simon and James did a quick route up the apron. 
Simon and James Abbing off
I finally managed to see some wildlife other than the mini snake at murrin park

Snake of some sort
Yesterday was a bit of a wash out. But we ate a great meal (the kitchen in the apartment is amazing) and went for a walk through Squamish. 

Today was better I did my first routes on the chief. (I also finally took a picture of it) 
The Chief
Me and Bex did a 5.9 up the apron it was a wet friction slab ... I lead all the pitches. Firing out a 4 pitch 120m route is a great start to any day. Here is a pictures: 
Can you see the wet bits?
Once we topped out the lower apron the plan was to do a route on the main apron. I had my heart set on Diedre but Bex did not fancy following a polished unprotected 5.6 slab traverse ... fair play. Instead we decided to do banana peel (5.7) we did a couple of pitches but I got lost on the second pitch and followed a lime of bolts which was a mistake what i took to be the 5.5 pitch turned out to be 5.10b (20m ish 2 bolts ... my first 5.10 lead). A guessed I must of been off route and was not sure where. A little bit scared also of what will happen higher if that was 5.5 I decided to retreat. We abbed off a tree then walked down. Bex genuinely disappointed I was too but she was having a rough time of it and not enjoying the wondering nature of the route. We will go back!
Simon and james did diedre and had a bit of fun ... very wet, run outs, lost gear, dangerous descents etc. But they were fine
Bex escaping

Simon High on Diedre

Simon High on Diedre zoomed out
While Simon and james tried to top out the chief me and bex went for lunch at big D's on the high street in squamish I had some nice soup and bex had a salad. 
Squamish High Street

Good soup
After a nice lunch me and Bex decided to walk up the cheif. Its brutal. We did peak 1 only and I am done in. It is increadibly steep and relentless but the view from the top is totally worth it. 

When we got back down to the apron car park we found Simon and James waiting for us turned out they decided not to head up to the top today. Oh well still a few weeks left. 

I am exhausted .. 
Oh well bring on tomorrow

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