Monday, 3 March 2014

Cycle Training P4P5

So my training has been very eventful so far but it is getting there and riding is starting to make sense. So since I started riding I have done approximately 225km with 2.5k of ascent. That’s about 140miles on a bike.

I am pretty happy with this even though that will be two days riding when it comes to the proper ride. The actual ride will be much easier. I will have more people with me to keep me going and a support crew. I will also be riding in the day and have full days to ride which will make a massive difference.

To the interesting stuff:
Fall I have fallen over multiple times. The most pain full was the in Marsden when I fell and the soft bit below my knee cap hit the curb plum. That almost brought me to tears.
The transfer to cleats has resulted in my falling repeatedly. I did manage two rides last week with only 1 fail on the last mile of my 14 mile ride which was pretty annoying.
I also got knocked over and landed on the bonnet of a white van. It was completely the drivers fault I was on the main road and he hit me as I was riding past.
I think in total I have fallen over 8 times gone over the handle bars twice and knocked off by a car once.

The things I am finding hard:
Hills – They are starting to make sense but I am finding them really hard work. My legs wilt fast on hills. I am struggling to choose the right gear so I am not pedalling too fast and I needing to use too much effort to pedal. On Friday and Saturday last week things made sense I was just a bit slow but I manage two large and steep hills (for me) without stopping.
Traffic – I am terrified and this makes me cycle worse and because I am cycling worse I am more vulnerable to cars. It is a vicious cycle (pun not intended … sorry)

The biggest climb I have done is brockholes to new mill straight up to Holmfirth high school. The best part was then the descent to Holmfirth which was not as steep as I thought it was. Still fun though.

What I would like is to find a nice route of flat riding of approximately 30-40 miles so I can just get used to riding away at a reasonable pace and get some decent mileage. Same I live in Huddersfield then. I might go for a trip somewhere and do a long flat ride like north wales.
The ride is relatively flat for the first two days so hopefully my legs should be okay. The killer will be the last day only 40 miles (only I say …) but it is hilly and we will need to average 12 miles an hour as we need to be back at 12pm. So probably a 7.30 start then ride like hell I guess it will be Donny old road which includes the climb from Wakey to grange moor … Shit!!!

Oh well time to keep training. Any route recommendations welcome.

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Here are a couple of pictures from strava of my rides:

More interesting pictures will follow shortly

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