Sunday, 20 April 2014

only days till the ride

I am now really excited for my ride. 
I have my jerseys:
I also met some of my team at the meeting on Wednesday. I am now really excited for the ride. The early start on Wednesday will be a killer but I will cope. I get a lie in on compared to work so that will help and we need to average around 10 miles per hour which on the flat will be fine. 

I have seriously upped my mileage this month. so far this Month I have ridden more than any month before. I have also hit a lot of hills amd got in my ascent up.

This week alone I have done ridden almost 100km and with over a km of ascent
This will all pay off. I am now resting up for the ride. The excitement building but I will probably change my mood after the first day and still staring at 180miles to go. 

My training has been interesting again I have fallen over thanks to the spds. Time I did a super man over the handle bars and landed on my chin leaving a nice hole.

My bags are packed and I am ready to go.
The most important thing is I am doing this for yorkshire air ambulance. That is why I am doing it. I am pushing myself and my body to its limit for a charity so they can continue to save lives.
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Now a change of pace I actually went out climbing yesterday. I went to burbage north on Monday night with James. We had a great evening we did not climb anything hard but the weather was perfect and we did some nice new problems and I finished Cleos Arete finally after first trying it back in 2009.

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