Sunday, 16 November 2014

its been a while

Usual apology for not posting

My last post was after my bike ride. Since then lots has happened. Life has been up and down but I don't post about that on here.

I went to font and had an amazing time. Here are done photos

I climbed every day I climbed a few 6s in don't which felt like an achievement.

June and summer was a wash out as I had a toe op and I could not climb. I got really fat.

To lose weight I started swimming. This worked well too well really and I then signed up for a sprint triathlon. Which I completed. On the same day I entered the battle of Britain at the detour and got a decent score.

I have just got back from el chorro where I climbed a 7 for the first time this year. Nice to sell be able to climb a 7a with out really training hard. Photos from chorro

So that gets us to today. I am sure there is stuff I have missed but it's been a quiet period as far as achievements go.

I will do a proper bog shortly. When I have something interesting to say

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