Friday, 14 August 2015

A return maybe

I left a less than cryptic message here around Christmas time. When I last wrote a blog. 
My life was in a very bad place at the time and it all came to a head. I wanted to write loads and at the same time I knew I could not write the words I wanted to write. The result would hurt me and other people which is why I chose to walk away. 
The reasons are private and I may say more later but probably not. I did some writing and I locked those words away. I have forgotten what I have written and I can not bring myself to read those words. 

My life is now significantly different from when I was blogging regularly. I will hopefully start blogging a little more but this blog may change greatly in the same way my life has. 

I have given up too much for the wrong reasons in the last 12 months and I need to start being me again. This is what has been happening since my last blog. 

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