Tuesday, 5 January 2016

plans based on the earths position realitive to the sun

The earth takes 365 ¼ rotations around its axis to travel around the sun. As everyone should know this is in English called a year. the Chinese consider a year based on the number of ties the moon rotates around the earth.

What difference does it make? not a lot really other than as time goes on our bodies start to decline and weaken.
In June this year the earth will have rotated around the sun 30 times since I was born. This is a fact I can not change as much as I would like to.

My life feels it has been on hold for the past 12 months or so due to issues I am slowly dealing with and accepting. However compared to this time last year I am significantly happier.

I have mentioned in my last two blog posts my life has changed. I now have other hobbies than climbing and I struggle to find climbing motivation. I am also climbing very badly at the moment and my body is not doing what I want and expect it to do. This is really frustrating and I lose motivation very fast. I am not very fit either so my session are short.
I am really struggling for a proper training partner. James and Simon are both now not around so I can't rely on then to help me which sucks. Haydn was never much for training but he meant I focused on fitness and strength with long games of plus one on a bouldering wall however he is locked in parenthood and climbing is a long forgotten memory.
I very rarely speak to Alex any more so I do not climb with him.
Bex and Simon are probably m best hope for training partners but living in sheff and Notts its a mission just to see them and training is not really the focus more catching up.
The depot crew are still there but its a trek in an evening due to traffic and Tom is also a dad so training time can be limited.

I miss the times when me and James were house mates and we would wake up hung over go on some epic drive and have a day out on the boulders. This was probably when I was happiest climbing (other than squamish - that trip was by far the best time of my life and 2013 probably the best year of my life in general).

Everyone else's life seems to have moved on and I am here getting fat, fighting depression, struggling for motivation looking for an adventure.

That brings me to 2016. 30 years since I was born. I want to get my life going again. I really want to climb again. I think that sport is where my motivation is. However I find more joy in bouldering. Trad is a funny one I love dangerous trad easy plodding is fun and all but the danger is where I find my joy. However after some near misses and lucky escapes (I am not called flukas for nothing) I am not willing to push the boat out as far any more so I get less pleasure out of it.

I want an adventure however my original plans have fallen through. I was hoping to return to squamish and climb the chief on my birthday. however I have some issue with my house which means I can't afford the flights. So instead I am going on a road trip.
font is part of the trip, hopefully so is magic woods. Its still in the drafting stage but will be planned shortly.

So heres to a better year. I hope if anyone reads this you have a good year too.

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