Monday, 6 June 2016

UK Games Expo

This weekend I volunteered in the family zone at the UK Games Expo
I had an excellent but tiring time. here is a brief account of the day in a written log.

5.00am alarm went off
shower dress to Mitchs for 5.35
Grab toby at 5.50ish near the motorway drive to Birminham.
8.15 Get to expo and park up.
8.30 get into NEC start setting up team brief and Sneaky cards ( missions given
10.15 first sneaky card mission complete - Stealth Drop
11am doors open public rush in. The day starts with a mad race to the bring and buy section. 
11.05 I play my first game I think it was Burger Time. 
11.15 I leave the family playing after 10mins explaining rule and watching a couple of rounds. 
11.16 start next game repeat for 4 hours solid. With brief breaks including Sneaky card 2nd drop at a "landmark"

It remained on the front of the bus for 2 days before it was removed the card was last seen in Manchester. It will be interesting to see how it travels. 
3.30pm thing start to calm down I have a quick walk around the hall. Then play a prototype party game. 
5pm show closes
5.30pm people actually leave the hall 
5.50pm leave the hall 
6pm go check into the hotel. Drop bags 
6.20 go eat and drink in the carpark of the hilton. I had an amazing South Africa curry with some beer. 
8.30pm leave the car park grab games find a space play games drink a bottle of wine with Mitch.
once drunk out come cards against humanity
12am stop playing games head to the bar.
12.30 am realise I am done and head to bed. 

5.30 Wake up cant get back to sleep
6.30 shower dressed 
7am breakfast
8am enter all play DC deck builder. 
8.50 set up and hangover kicking in
9.30am it opens ...
9.45 Argh!!!
11.30 ...
2.30 ... er
3.30 Little girl want to play the giant castle panic so I go talk to her while her dad sorts his bags. Turns out she actually wants to play catch with the giant dice. I relax and juggle some giant dice for 10mins and throw the dice to the small child she is really happy excpet if I get distracted then she says boy till I turn round for her to throw me the dice. A real high light after the manic times. 
4.30 it starts to quieten down. 
5.00 close 
5.15 free to tidy up and get sorted.
6pm leave the hall get changed head down for food and beer. get the last pint from the beer bus and the last deep fried chilli from the vegetarian bhaji place. 
7.30 more beer turns up.
8.00 sit down to play games 
11.30 head to bed and pass out instantly.

6.45 wake up.
7.30 breakfast
8.00 check out + pack the car
8.50 get to the hall set up tidy up.
9.30 opens I cover the big games. 
11.00 get told its my break time but its busy and I am not ready for a break so I stay on. 
12.00 busy
1.00 get chance to play a game in full well sort of as I missed half the game swapping with someone to teach another game :)
2.00 not as busy
3.00 calming down start tidying ready for shutting
3.50 shown a game and explained the expansion
4.00 show closes
4.15 packing down photo taken.
5.30 leave hall
5.45 set off home. 
7.25 arrive at IQ drop toby off for unpacking say hi to people
7.50 drop mitch off
8.05 sit down on sofa and breath

Manic weekend but I would totally do it again. 

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